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Top secrets on how to safely buy/fund/exchange liberty reserve!

When buying liberty reserve, it is your duty to do a thorough investigation before parting with your hard earned money.

There are several companies that claim to buy and sell liberty reserve. How do you know which is genuine and which is not?

Here are the security factors to consider before buying liberty reserve from anyone:


The older the wine, as they say, the sweeter. How long an exchange company has been in business has a lot to say about their reliability. Being in business for two years and above is a clear indication that the business is consistently serving her customers. To find out how long an exchange company has been in business, check out their website using the right internet tool. Once you type in their website address, the system will display the website information including their number of years online. However, it is important to note that some businesses are already in business prior to getting a website. To find out, you can call the company's phone number and verify from the staff how long their company has been in existence.


Every online business you know are regulated by individuals like you and I. You must have to get response from such individuals either by email or phone (preferably phone call). Also you must see a viable contact address on their website before dealing with them. Apart from their office address being on the website, you can systematically find out if their office address does really exist. You would do that by calling their phone number asking if you can come over to their office to make payment. If their answer is No, please watch out.


Banks to a large extent verify all corporate account holders before allowing them open account with them. That means it is safer to pay to corporate account name instead to personal bank account.


You may have to try out a liberty reserve exchange company by first of all buying small amount of liberty reserve from them. If your account is funded as promised, then go for the bigger amounts.


One of the easiest ways people fall prey to online swindlers is by responding to extremely low priced items. When you see a merchant offering liberty reserve at a price far lower than what other exchangers do offer, watch out. The aim could be to attract as many people as possible to make payment into fake accounts.

Be cautious and wise while shopping online.

buy domain with liberty reserve


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